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I acknowledge that I wish to make use of the matchmaking services (“Services”) offered by StewartSparks Pty Ltd (“StewartSparks”) and confirm that entering into this Disclaimer is consideration for my free use of those Services.
I acknowledge that there is a potential risk to my safety whenever I meet with a stranger and that it is up to me to take all reasonable and necessary precautions to ensure my own physical safety during any date or activity organised with someone I am introduced to through the Services. StewartSparks is not responsible for taking any steps to ensure my safety.
I represent and warrant to StewartSparks that: (i) I am at least 18 years of age; (ii) I am eithersingle, widowed, divorced (and living apart from my former spouse); (iii) I have noundisclosed physical or mental health problems, patterns of substance abuse or criminal record;and (iv) the information I have provided in the Client Profile submitted with this Disclaimer is complete, true and accurate.
I shall not, without the prior written consent of StewartSparks, publish, whether in writing or bymeans of electronic media, any information regarding StewartSparks or the Services.
I agree to indemnify, defend and save harmless StewartSparks from and against any and alllosses, damages, liabilities, claims, demands, causes of action, lawsuits and expenses (includinglegal fees and expenses on an own solicitor-client basis) that StewartSparks may incur, or that may bethreatened against StewartSparks, arising out of or in connection with(a) my use of the Services,(b) my breach or violation of this Disclaimer, or (c) my negligence or wilful misconduct.
I hereby release StewartSparks from any claim, loss or damage, whether arising directly or indirectly, arising out of my use of theServices, including, but not limited to, damages arising out of communicating and/or meetingother members or the acts of other members (including, but not limited to, property damage,bodily injury and emotional distress).
In the event in a change in my marital status, I will notify StewartSparks immediately and will cease to use the Services.
I acknowledge that StewartSparks is a private matchmaking service and may refuse to grant me a membership or, if granted, may cancel my membership at any time at its sole and absolute discretion.
I agree that StewartSparks may retain my personal data and contact information in its files for the purpose of providing the Services.
I permit StewartSparks to use my photograph(S) to be shown to male clients that StewartSparks has approved in its discretion. The photos will not be accessible on the website.
I permit StewartSparks to provide general information about me to male clients. I understand that while this information will not include specific identification details (such as name) or contact details, it is possible that male candidates may identify me from such information and accept that risk.
I grantStewartSparks permission to subscribe me to itsfree newsletter. I understand that if I wish to unsubscribe all I need to do is follow the instructions at the bottom of the newsletter.
I represent that the information I have provided in the Client Profile submitted with this Disclaimer is complete, true andaccurate and agree that I will promptly notify StewartSparks of any change in the informationprovided.