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Robert Stewart Sparks was born in Minnesota, USA on March 31, 1871. He graduated with an engineering degree from the University of Minnesota and moved to Los Angeles in 1894 where he met his wife Edith McGinty. In December 1912, Sparks began work in the office of the County Clerk as deputy in charge of marriage licensing. His passionate campaigning for the rights of married couples earned him the nickname "Cupid” and his interest in matrimony continued long after his term ended. It was during the years leading up to the Great Depression that Sparks began his less formal campaign as an advocate for love.

He continued to receive thousands of letters from men and women all over America asking for his help in finding their soul mate. Along with his wife he set up an informal match making service; studying letters and matching couples based on their descriptions and individual requirements. He would then put the husband-seekers and wife-seekers in touch with each other by letter. In 1923, on the occasion of his 29th wedding anniversary, Sparks noted that he had been responsible for issuing over 200,000 marriage licenses to couples put in touch through his letter services. Robert Stewart Sparks offered the opportunity of love to thousands of singles during the years of the great depression.

Our business aims to honour his memory by providing professional, tailor made match making services to individuals who are serious about their own personal campaign for love