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Our Service
StewartSparks is a personalised and professional service that specialises in offering a unique approach to traditional match making. Our experienced romance head-hunters are dedicated to matching you with our male clients based on an extensive set of personalised considerations. We take into account all aspects of compatibility in order to find you the perfect long term companion in life.

We believe that life’s more transforming and ultimately enriching journey is the quest for a soul mate. Too often dating services reduce this process down to a simple transfer of information across databases. StewartSparks is different because we know you are different. We treat you as an individual. We are passionate about listening and we know that success in love’s quest starts with honesty and trust.

After an extensive consultation with our male client, our romance head-hunters collaborate with scouts to recruit you - attractive, grounded, single women that match our client’s unique specifications. Each potential match between individuals is screened to ensure both parties are compatible with each other’s unique preferences.