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The thought of using a professional Matchmaker appealed to me as I was having no luck with friends setting me up, the “bar” scene was a complete non starter and internet dating did not attract me at all. Although a little nervous and anxious at the time of the initial consultation , Nerissa was an absolute joy to deal with and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable almost immediately. The initial interview I had with her was both thorough and informative erasing all concerns I had about confidentially. I had no doubt that the questions asked were on the mark in terms of evaluating the type of person I was looking for. Her follow up with me over the next few weeks was a comfort and it was certainly refreshing to deal with someone so well organised, ethical and who actually delivers what they promise.

I am happy to report that thanks to “StewartSparks” services I have now enjoyed a number of dates with the same person and see the potential of something far more long term developing between us.

31, Sales Manager